„Ideas or solutions from the instructor in our management project were very crucial and valuable.“

26. Februar 2019
SIBE-student Virendra Singh talks about his experience during the studies at SIBE - Program: M.A./MBA (USA)

How did you experience the contact between student and instructor?

The contact between the instructor and the student varies from professor to professor. However, if you have a specific question, the response time from the professor is very short.
Moreover, the Professor’s response was specific to our post on the discussion board. It was beneficial to know the perspective of the professor on our posts.

How often and how were you in contact? Did you feel well supported?

Well depending upon the course, I interact with the professor. If the question is my project specific, I prefer to write an E-mail to the professor. However, if the question could benefit other classmates, then I used the general forum or ask in the instructor section so that everyone could benefit from it.
I felt it well supported as it solves my queries, motivates me to think differently and helps me to grow more.

How did the support from your instructor benefit your studies and more specifically the management project?

The contents from the professors were outstanding, and it was highly intense and updated accordingly to the current situation of the market.
The instructor helps us to understand the basis of the subject, and as the units progress, the level of content gets even more challenging which was good for learning.
The management project is very crucial for the M.A./MBA program and right from the start of the management project, the instructor guide us in everything, such as the selection of the management topic, how to do research on the topic, how to analyze the different processes, different strategies in the market, and so on.
Moreover, the ideas or solutions from the instructor in our management project were very crucial and valuable.