Leadership. Personality. Innovation. Education and Research at SIBE

Leadership. Personality. Innovation. Education and Research at SIBE

16. Januar 2020
Werner G. Faix, Stefanie Kisgen, Jens Mergenthaler

This text is an affirmation of the essential nature of our institution. It is certainly not the first time we have considered the principles of our university. This text is based on the many publications listed in the bibliography. It is a provisional, decidedly preliminary conclusion of all our previous reflections. This document is intended as a basis for designing our research and development as well as point of departure for future reflections and discussions about the nature of our institution.

The text thus meets the requirements of the German Wissenschaftsrat (German Council of Science and Humanities) that every university must define its original concept of teaching in a statement of principles (Lehrverfassung).

Although this text was written and published by the authors, the foundation for the ideas that inspired us to write it and all previous editions originates from everyone who works in, with and above all, at our university.

Thus, we wish to directly thank all these people for their thoughts and actions. It is they who make our institute of higher education what it is: a reality with added value for society.


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