General Management Tools – 3. Auflage

General Management Tools – 3. Auflage

3. September 2014
Kurt Nagel in collaboration with Werner G. Faix, Annette Horne, Gerhard Keck, Joachim Sailer

This Transfer Documentation Report (TDR) of the SIBE introduces readers to the most important topics in the field of general management.

The TDR contains essential tools, instruments and methods for:

  • Analyzing a company’s CURRENT situation
  • Analyzing a company’s FRAMEWORK
  • Developing STRATEGIC CONCEPTS for defining a company’s chances, risks, objectives and strategies
  • Developing STRATEGIES for achieving business objectives.

When correctly used, transferred and implemented, the General Management Tools help sustain the success of companies and their business areas.

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ISBN 978-3-943356-55-7

Info 2013 (3. Aufl.) / 681 S., engl.