InnovationQuality. The Value of the New

InnovationQuality. The Value of the New

29. August 2019
Werner G. Faix, Jens Mergenthaler, Rolf-Jürgen Ahlers, Michael Auer

The reason for man’s progress is that unconditional feeling that he can never feel the here and now he is standing at as good enough. He always feels that there must at least be something better than what already exists. Innovation serves as a vehicle for progress, that is, that active activity in which something new becomes reality. Our belief that progress itself is always something good leads us to feel that everything that comes along as „innovation“ also tends to be something that is good in itself.

Innovation – this term is also used in an inflationary way, especially in management literature. Innovation – so the open secret – is the best and most sustainable way to more competitiveness, to more profit and turnover and more at and from everything in general: What does progress really bring? What is the new actually worth?

Does an innovation make everything better or only different? This work is intended to establish a new dimension in which the value and value of the new is expressed.

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