The Creative Power of Education

The Creative Power of Education

25. Oktober 2015
On the Formation of a Creative Personality as the Fundamental Condition for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Success. Werner G. Faix, Jens Mergenthaler

The future viability of companies, organizations and whole societies depends essentially on whether and to what extent its members are innovative. For people to transform their ideas into value-creating and beneficial reality, they must have access to all the educational opportunities that will help them develop creative personalities. The authors give concrete answers to the following questions:

  • How must education be designed to allow people to develop entrepreneurial knowledge, ability, desire and presence?
  • Why do innovations depend so greatly on personality/personalities?

The terms education, personality, innovation and sustainable success are brought into a logical causal connection – which is comprehensive in content, based on sound knowledge and emotionally deeply affecting.

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ISBN 978-3-95663-059-0

Info 2015 / 319 S., engl.