„A win-win program for the student, the companies and the university!“

27. Juli 2018
Conversation with SIBE-alumnus Tieqiang Wang – affiliated company: Mubea Automotive Components – Study progamme: International Program M.E./MBA

After his first degree in Industrial and Commersial Management Tieqiang Wang decided to participate in SIBE´s International Program. He earned his Master of Business Administration degree from SIBE in cooperation with a Master of Engineering degree from Tongji University in China.

First Degree: Industrial and Commersial Management
Course name: MEMBA01
Year of graduation: 2017

Mr. Tieqiang Wang was working in the position of the Project & Process Manager in Taicang during the study program of SIBE. Within his project he was responsible to reduce the failure costs of one specific product. He summarizes:

“The classmates and I learned a lot during the study, the companies also got the benefits from the MBA projects.”

By analyzing the market environment, defining the strategy and implementing his project, Mr. Tieqiang Wang could almost double the volume (of the production for the specific product) and achieve a monetary benefit for the company of more than 1.8 million RMB. Therefore, the company became the number one for this specific product in the Chinese market. During the whole study period Tieqiang Wang received systematically support from the SIBE-lecturers and the company:

“It’s a win-win program for the student, the companies and the university.”